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utenadrabble's Journal

Revolutionary Girl Utena Drabbles
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n. pl. drab·bles
1. A short story of 100 words exactly.
2. A short story of ~800 words.
3. The content of this community.

This community is for drabbles based on Be-Papas, Chiho Saito, and Kunihiko Ikuhara's fabulous Revolutionary Girl Utena. This includes all incarnations thereof: movie, manga, musical, game, and television series.

Feel free to post writing challenges as well as drabbles. The master list of all challenges issued within this community can be found here, as well as in the community's memories. It is updated as new challenges are issued.

When posting, please remember to put the title of your drabble and your username in the subject heading. Always be sure to use a lj-cut tag for drabbles longer than 100 words and/or rated R/NC-17. As of 2 September 2007, please friends-lock posts that feature content rated R or higher (NC-17).


Disclaimer: The stories posted here are works of fiction. Any potentially illegal acts which may occur within the fanworks posted in this community are not condoned by the authors. Depictions of questionable, illegal, or possibly illegal activities in said fiction do not mean that we promote, support, participate in, or approve of said activities.

We grasp the distinction between fiction and reality and trust that our readers will do the same. We do not profit from the fanfiction we write. All rights to the characters and settings of Revolutionary Girl Utena/Shoujo Kakumei Utena remain firmly in the hands of their creators.

Additionally, through equally the inclusion of this disclaimer and the individual ratings on each post, we place personal responsibility on you, the reader, to determine whether or not you are of both the appropriate age and maturity level to read the stories posted here.


Questions or comments? Please contact your friendly mod, girlchild.

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If you have an Utena-related community and would like to affiliate it with utenadrabble, contact me!

The layout of this community was designed by girlchild. The banner for this userinfo page was designed by seitokaichou. The disclaimer was written and adapted by snegurochka_lee, bitterfig, and girlchild.