change the sheets & then change me (uselessmarks) wrote in utenadrabble,
change the sheets & then change me

Wish I May, Wish I Might

Wish I May, Wish I Might

[in series, Anthy/Utena, sexy surreal angst stuff]

Stars, removed and glittering, tend to lie. They promise something otherworldly and true and magical, but they just keep on shining while you keep on dying.

Anthy reads this and knows it to be true.

All bright and blinding, that is how Utena appears. The sun hits Utena and she glows. The moon rises and Utena burns. Anthy wears her glasses at all hours in order to deflect the glare of this noble prince.
It hurts the eyes of a witch. It wounds the heart of a girl.

It is the time between dawn and dusk, a lingering moment... where Anthy lets her hands get too close to that incandescent soul, lets her fingers graze the skin of one so pure.
And defiles that body, in much the same way Anthy finds herself ruined.
It breaks the spirit of a child. It kills the pain of a princess.

Utena shoots across the sky with a moan.

And Anthy has to stop her lips from murmuring a wish.
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