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change the sheets & then change me

Jumping the gun here...

...But utenadrabble celebrates a birthday tomorrow. And I thought I'd write some stuff. Hopefully, it will all be good.


End As It Began
[Utena-centric, last episode spoilerish-ness, super light Utena/Anthy, angst]

What is ending? What is beginning?

All that is here is the space between my outstretched hand and your battered body, all that is here is the air forced into my lungs by a dead ideal and the scent of your dying roses...

Philosophy falls away like the stones of this arena. Reason means very little here.
Things like 'normality' and 'right and wrong' mean nothing. They never did... not here.
Here, with the world forgetting what it lived for. Here, with just sweat and tears and blood and other things. Here... I am here, do you hear me? I am here.

What is ending?
Everything. Me, you, him, them...
What is beginning?
Everything. Me, you, him, them...

Close. Yet, closer still. Edging forward, knees scraped and ribs broken.
A child torn from the womb, again and again.

I see you. You see me. I'll be your mother, your lover, your savior, your friend. Bring you to life again. Bear you and bless you.

What is ending? Just another moment, let it go.
What is beginning? Just another second, let it all go.

I came all this way... just to meet you...
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