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Title: Baptism
Character(s): Juri Arisugawa (centered), Ruka Tsuchiya, and Utena Tenjou
Spoiler Warning: Up to episode 29 of the anime
Pairing(s): *squint and you'll miss it Ruka/Juri and squint harder Juri/Shiori*
Summary: Juri allows herself to begin to be reborn
Disclaimer: I don't own or claim to own these characters, or the world from which they come from. This story is for entertainment purposes only and I make no money off of this.
Word Count: 174

Her heart has been cut from her and she has lost her will to fight. It would take Utena Tenjou’s rather…unique skills to deliver a blow that powerful. Now all Juri knew, all the she had held sacred has been stripped from her. Destroyed by a single deft stroke designed to end the duel, Utena has cut off Juri’s entire purpose, her entire being. She stands stunned for a long moment before she removes the rose and looks at the heavens. She can feel the rain begin to fall, and for the first time in a long time, she lets herself go. All of the anger masking the pain has evaporated and her pain exists alone. She, her pain, and nothing else exist as the first rain drops fall. One life has ended, she reflects, but as the rain comes down, cleansing her and as she hears Ruka’s voice, she knows a truth. One life has ended, and a new life is about to begin. So, Juri stands there, letting the rain baptize her.
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