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Title: Obsession
Fandom(s): Revolutionary Girl Utena
Pairing(s): One Sided Mikage/Utena
Spoilers: Up toward the end of the Black Rose Arc
Summary: Mikage meditates on the second woman he could come to love
Disclaimer: I don't own, or claim to own Revolutionary Girl Utena. These characters are decidedly not mine, and I don't make any money off of this. Story is for entertainment purposes only.
Also posted at: roselinedcoffin

Mikage knows her all too well. He knows her every curve, her every move, and even her scent. And he knows what her skin will feel like when he shakes her hand. He knows all too well the steel, the power contained behind her blue eyes. For the first time in a long time, Mikage smiles a true smile, but it is slight and fleeting. Utena does not notice the ghost smile pass across the man’s lips.

However he will make her see it, that ghost of a smile which once belonged to Tokiko only. It will belong to her, he knows, now matter what she might try to do. Mikage will force her to accept it, he thinks to himself as his palm feel hers and he knows that her skin is softer than he had thought. The ghost of the smile lights his face again. She will love him; she just doesn’t know it yet.
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