timesrunning (timesrunning) wrote in utenadrabble,

Convenient Excuses

Title: Convenient Excuses
Fandom(s): Revolutionary Girl Utena
Pairing(s) (if any): Miki and Touga
Word Count: 113
Summary: What happens, sometimes, when Touga and Miki go courting.
Disclaimer: I don't own Revolutionary Girl Utena, and I make no money off of this. This story is for entertainment purposes only. This story contains hints of a homosexual (male/male) relationship, so if this don't float your boat, don't read it.

Convenient excuses. That was all Anthy and Utena really were. It made sense for Miki and Touga to be absent to go courting together as the targets of their respective affections lived in the same dorm. However, the supposed visits to the once abandoned dormitory were little more than shallow excuses for Touga’s hands to explore Miki’s body. The blue haired youth could not say no to Touga’s tongue as it begged entrance into his mouth, nor could the younger of the pair refuse as Touga’s hand gently began to unbutton the shirt. Convenient excuses were being used much more frequently than they used too, as the two continued their clandestine affair.
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