A Figment of My Own Imagination (veleda_k) wrote in utenadrabble,
A Figment of My Own Imagination

"Wild, Tame" by veleda_k

Title: Wild, Tame

Written for the MTO challenge. sandoz_iscariot requested "Kozue/Kanae, with Kozue as the seducer. Maybe after Kanae discovers her sleeping with Akio?"

The girl was on the couch when Kanae entered, her blouse and tie askew.

"What are you doing?" Kanae's voice was small.

"Akio-san and I just had a... meeting," the girl replied languorously. "You can go in. There's plenty more."

Kanae stumbled back. Quicker than lightning, the girl left the couch and pressed her body against Kanae's. "Or maybe that's not to your taste." The girl slid her hand inside Kanae's dress. Kanae closed her eyes and sank to the floor with a whimper. "Good girl," the girl murmured.

When Kanae looked up, she swore she saw fangs in the girl's smile.
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