change the sheets & then change me (uselessmarks) wrote in utenadrabble,
change the sheets & then change me

Drabble from a dream and a rainy day

To Be Free

[Utena POV, end of series/end of film, Utena/Anthy and breaking the chains...]

I saw you as a child. Your brother, the Prince I once loved, he was there... and you both struggled. You both fell, your knees covered in mud and tears running down your faces.

I saw you reach out for me, from a time long ago. And this time, I'll take your hand...

I saw us together, as young ones. The Prince tried to help us, but it was up to us... It has always been up to us to make it, to walk this path, to be free.

I saw my arms go around you and we grew up, together... we grew up. And you shouted the words with me. This time, you and I...

We broke away.
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