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MOD POST / Made to Order Challenge, fifth wave

Hello community, happy April! I must apologize for the extraordinarily long silence on my part. Health issues have prevented me from doing much writing (or really much of anything) lately-- I had a pretty severe accident at my home last February ('06), and I've been rehabilitating ever since.

I'm delighted to see that the community has grown to 166 members in my absence! You guys have been quite prolific-- I hope to find the time to read and comment on all of the drabbles that I've missed out on. *^^*

I'm happy to announce that I plan upon resuming regular challenges, starting with the fifth wave of the Made to Order Challenge! If you're new or just plain can't recall the steps of this dance (and heck, it's been a while), here's how we do this one.

Post a brief description of your ideal drabble(s) in the comments to this post. Include your desired pairing (or threesome, or onesome, whatever you like), rating, setting, words to use, song lyrics, objects, et cetera. Be as specific or vague as you like. Then, everyone will read the comments and write to each other's specifications.

When you post, make sure to mention that your drabble is for the Made to Order Challenge (or just the MTO Challenge) and name the person the drabble is for. You can write for as many requests as you like, and more than one person can write for the same request.

(PS: For more drabbling fun, I'd like to remind you that you can always take a crack at any of the older challenges, since they are continuous by merit of being in this community. You may also issue a challenge at any time, as you like. *^^*

I'd also like to point you all to a new claims writing community 10lilies, for low pressure girl/girl fun. 10 prompts, good times. Go get your claim today.)

- Katrina
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