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Mod Post: Hi!

Hello, everyone! It's been a long time. Many people have left Livejournal in favor of other pastures. If you're still around, please say hi and let me know where you hang out online these days! I would be very interested in rekindling the group. :) Hope this message finds you all well.

- Katrina
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Short Ruka drabble

Though I certainly don't claim to be able to single-handedly revolutionize revitalize this community, I have been lately been feeling terribly nostalgic for this series and its fandom, and did write some short drabbles last summer which I haven't posted here yet. Here's one:

Title: Nothing
Author: Neva
Character: Ruka
Word Count: 205
Rating: PGish
Notes: Set directly after Episode 29, "Azure Paler Than the Sky," and written as part of the Alphabet Game, a multi-fandom self-challenge from last summer.

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New Challenge + Fic

This comm is rather dead, and that makes me sad. So how about a new challenge? Let's call it...


Revolutionary Girl Utena is largely about growing up, right? So if and when the characters have children of their own, how will their be influenced by the lessons they learned at Ohtori? Or perhaps the lessons they failed to learn? I'll start us off.

Title: Ode to a Grecian Fairy Tale
Challenge: Parenthood
Characters: Utena, Anthy, OC
Word Count: 798

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Music drabbles, by veleda_k

So, I was inspired by this meme:

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts and stop when it's over, no lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

The results are at my journal. Pairing include, but are not limited to, Utena/Anthy, Touga/Saionji, Ruka/Juri and Kozue/Miki.

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Revolutionaries Anonymous

The first drabble in this set popped into my head when I let my mind wander while listening to my Philosophy of Science professor's lecture on scientific revolutions and how they relate to political revolutions, and the rest followed from there. Just an interesting (?) little anecdote.

Title: Revolutionaries Anonymous
Challenge: None
Characters: Miki, Juri, Wakaba, Saionji, Nanami, and Touga, with mentions of Shiori, Utena, and Anthy. So half the cast, pretty much.
Word Count: five separate drabbles totalling about fifteen-hundred words

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